South Bodie Gold Mining Company is incorporated

Today in Bodie history: August 19, 1878 – The South Bodie Gold Mining Company is incorporated.


South Bodie Gold Mining Company

Bodie, Mono County, California

Office, Room 44, Nevada Block. Robert Barton, president; Henry Deas, secretary; H.C. Callahan, superintendent; B.B. Minor, E.C. Morton, Henry Deas, W.H. Brown, Robert Barton, trustees. Annual meeting, third Monday in August. No. of shares, 100,000. No. of feet, 1,500. Shares per foot, 66 2/3. Listed on San Francisco Stock and Exchange Board, Pacific Stock Exchange and California Stock Exchange Board.

The property of this company consists of the “Hancock” claim, 1,500 feet long, located in June, 1877. It lies to the south of the celebrated Bodie mine, and indications lend a strong support to the theory that the rich veins struck by the Bodie Company will be found in the South Bodie ground when sufficient depth is attained. The surface ground on this claim was worked with great success as a placer claim in the early days of Bodie Bluff, and the richest float quartz ever struck in the district was found near the point where sinking is now in progress on this mine. A shaft has been sunk on this claim to a depth of 120 feet, over which a fine engine has been erected for hoisting ore, and satisfactory progress is being made at all points. It is proposed to sink the shaft to a depth of 200 feet, when crosscutting will commence and be prosecuted until the vein is struck. The bottom of the shaft is now in ledge matter. Within 60 days important developments are looked for.

from “United States Annual Mining Review and Stock Ledger: Containing Detailed

South Bodie Gold Mining Company -

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