Common Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Bodie and this website.

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Are you a ranger, or do you work at Bodie? Why have you created this web site?

My name is Dave Tavres. I first ran across Bodie during a high school camping trip many years ago. I’ve tried to create a web site that people can use to find out more about Bodie and hopefully carry on some of the history of the past. I don’t know how or why, but Bodie has captured my heart. I plan on keeping this site up and adding to it for as long as I stay in the field of computers and have time to do so.

If for some reason you’d like to contact me regarding Bodie, you can reach me by email, mail or phone:


David Tavres
26511 Merienda #5
Laguna Hills, CA 92656


Contact Dave


What’s the WEATHER like right now?

NOAA gets reports directly from the rangers and equipment in Bodie, so their information is great.
NOAA - has updated weather for Bodie State Historic Park:
H: 62°
L: 47°
Wednesday, 29 May
See 7-Day Forecast


Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue
59° 59° 63° 66° 68° 72°
43° 39° 42° 44° 48° 48°



What are the ROAD CONDITIONS like right now?

Check these sites for information on road conditions:


How can I get in touch with the park?


What are the park hours during the year?
  • Rangers are in the park all year and the park hours arestrictly enforced. The museum/bookstore is open from May to October. The park is generally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 8:00a to 6:00p. The remainder of the year the hours aregenerally10:00a to 3:00p.
  • The hours are subject to change based on weather or staffing, and are posted at all entrances. Call the park for exact details at (760) 647-6445.
    Here is a general park schedule:

    • Summer hours 9am-6pm (April 15th to October 31st)
    • Winter hours 9am to 4pm (November 1st to April 14th

Technically, Bodie State Historic Park is open year-round. But, with the elevation (8,375') most people don't have vehicles that can make it through the snow, and most people aren't equipped or trained to traverse the weather.

The 10 miles of paved road usually doesn't get plowed in the winter, and the remaining 3 miles of unpaved road often has a closed gate because of the danger.

If you have vehicles (snow mobiles / Sno-Cats) and are experienced with winter mountain off-roading, OR if you can snow-show the 3 miles into (and out of) the Park, visitors are welcome. (I know it doesn't SOUND 'welcoming', but the Park is open.)


I was wondering what the fees are, and is there camping in Bodie?
  • There is NO camping in Bodie, and there are no commercial camp sites within walking distance. Check out the Local Listings page for campsites and motels.
    Park entry fees are as follow:

    • Ages 18+: $8 per person
    • 17 to 4: $5
    • 3 and under are free
    • Dogs may accompany visitors into the town site, but dogs must be on a leash at all times.


What caused the town to be abandoned?
  • Over the years the mines dwindled and the cost to extract the ore increased to the point that mining companies couldn't afford the overall cost of operations.


Is there any way to gain access to more of the buildings?
  • The general public may not enter the buildings, however, there are sometimes photography workshops that have permits to enter the buildings with a guide. Check the calendar of events


Do you have other reference materials on Bodie?
  • There are a number of books on Bodie and the area. Check the store.


Has part of the stamp mill been reopened for guided tours?
  • There are guided tours through part of the mill a few times each day during the summer months, as well as holiday weekends. Other than summer, the weather is too inclement and the building can be dangerous.


What should I take for a day trip to Bodie?
  • Even during the summer months Bodie can get very cold, very quickly. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt or some kind of windbreaker.
  • Carry a bottle of water; since the elevation is so high, people tend to get out of breath easier, and hiking around Bodie can tire you out. Water can replenish your strength.


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