Here’s a list of businesses that once existed in Bodie. This list has been gathered from the various books about Bodie as well as newspapers of the times. If you have more information about any of these that you’d care to share, please contact us.

Business nameTypeNotes
A. & J. O. KirkpatrickBlacksmith
Alex Whitman's Saloon
American Flag Saloon
Argonaut Saloon
Assessment Saloon
Aurora and Bodie U.S. Stage Co.Stage line
Aurora Saloon
Babcock Engine Company
Bank Exchange Saloon
Bank of Bodie
Bennett & HetzelLaw firm
Bodie & Lundy Stage LineStage line
Bodie BankBank
Bodie Bluff Consolidation Mining Co.Mining Company
Bodie CourierNewspaper
Bodie Daily News
Bodie HouseBurned to the ground in 1888 - was the largest hotel at that time.
Bodie Meat Market
Bodie Miner
Bodie Miner-Index
Bodie Pharmacy
Bodie Press
Bodie StandardNewspaper
Bodie Standard Printing House
Bodie Store
Bodie Water Company
Bonanza Saloon
Boone & WrightGeneral Store
Caledonian Saloon
California Grocery and Fruit StoreGrocery
Can Can RestaurantRestaurantAppeared on the delinquent tax List of 1885.
Capitol Saloon
Carson Saloon
Central MarketMarket
Champion HotelHotel
Citizens Committee of 601
City Livery and Feed StableLivery
Comstock Saloon
Consolidated Pacific Mining CompanyMining Company
Daily Bodie Standard
Delmonico RestaurantRestaurant
Delta Saloon
Dividend Saloon
Ellis' News and Cigar Store
Empire Saloon
Esmeralda Brewery
Esmeralda Saloon & Brewery
Fahey's Mono Brewery
Frank Master's Bodie Saloon & Brewery
Gem Eating HouseRestaurantRenamed to the Bon Ton Eating House in 1880 by John Wagner.
Gilson & Barber
Gold Brick Saloon
Graham's I.X.L. Saloon
Grand Central HotelHotel
Gunn's Saloon
Headquarters Saloon
Joe Rouse's SaloonSaloon
Lafayette RestaurantRestaurantOperated by Mrs. Wilford
Magee's Saloon
Maggie McCormick's Saloon
Magnolia Saloon
Mammoth Saloon
Masters Bodie Brewery
McAlpin Opera House Saloon
Mono County Bank
Neptune Hose CompanyFire company
Oasis Saloon
Occidental Saloon
Oriental Saloon
Oulette's Saloon
Palace Laurel Saloon
Parlor Saloon
Parole Saloon
Pat Fahey's Mono Brewery/Saloon
Peters and Aldridge's Saloon
Phillip and Moore's Saloon
Pioneer BreweryBrewery
Pioneer Hook and Ladder CompanyFire company
Pioneer Saloon
Polar Eating House
Reno Saloon
Robson & Forest Blacksmiths and WagonmakersBlacksmith
Rosedale SaloonAlso housed Justice R. L. Peterson on the 2nd floor
Sawdust Corner Saloon
Sazerac Saloon
Senate Saloon
Shamrock Saloon
Snug Saloon
Stewart and Brother's Drug Store
Temple Saloon
Tower RestaurantPurchased by J. J. Welch and renamed to the Nevada Restaurant and Chop House in March 1879.
Treadwell Yukon Company
Virginia Assay OfficeAssyer
Wagner's Saloon
Weekly Standard News
West & BryantGeneral Merchandise
Wheaton and Hollis HotelHotel
Wide Awake Hose Company
Williamson and Rogers' Saloon
Withrow and Moore's Saloon
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