People of Bodie

A list of Bodie residents, or other people associated with Bodie, taken from various books and other sources. Check out the gallery of people.

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"Pioche" Kelley
A. C. Raymond
A. C. RobertsonFebruary 1880Explosion while trying to thaw frozen powder.
A. C. Robinson
A. E. McMillanSecretary of the Bodie Miners' Union in 1885.
Agnes Dolan18881919
Alatia Dolan18891890
Alex NixonElected as first President of the Miners' Union, Jan. 15, 1878. Shot and killed in a saloon gun fight.
Alexander Nixon1847June 13, 1878
Alfred E. Tye18641934
Alleia MattosFebruary 26, 1901December 13, 1902
Almond ParksOctober 1879Fell down mining shaft at Black Hawk Mine.
Amasa Bryan
Andy HagerdayOctober 4, 1878Killed by falling timber in the Champion Mine.
Anna Leslie McDonellOctober 9, 1891March 8, 1893
Anna Maria PetralliJune 24, 1852June 30, 1915
Annie C. FoukeJuly 19, 1859April 27, 1896
Anthony Jackson1832November 9, 1880
Anthony ThurnannNovember 14, 1883
Antone Valencis1878Shot by Jesus Revis.
Arthur E. BarlowJuly 24, 1899November 11, 1899
Arthur JacksonNovember 8, 1880Died in fire at Goodshaw Hoisting Works.
Arthur McQuaid1848May 18, 1899
Arthur McQuaidDecember 26, 1890
Baby Boy McInnis
Baby Girl McDonell1908
Belle MooreBodie's first school teacher.
Ben Butler
Ben Miller
Bert Dolan
Billy O'HaraEmpire Gold and Silver Mining Company caretaker.
Black TaylorOne of Bodey's buddies.
Bob Conway
Bob WhiteacreSeptember 2, 1880Assasinated by George Watkins.
C. R. Wedertz
Caroline Faure McMillan18611937
Catherine Cook GregoryMay 14, 1854March 31, 1912
Charles Dolan18861890
Charles Rudin
Charlie Donnelly
Charlie Jardine
Chatto EncinosJuly 1880Killed by Sam Chung for stealing from his garden.
Clarence C. Burks18971961
Cordelia Hays Dolan18811943
Dan McMillanOne-armed sheriff and manager of the Bodie baseball team.
Daniel HornerFirst child born in Bodie.
David McKinneyMay 1881May 1881
David ScanavinoDecember 15, 1903November 8, 1921
David Victor CainOne of J. S. Cain's sons. Married Ella Cody. His home is located on Green Street.
Dick O'MalleyNigh watchman in 1880
Dolan family plot
Dolan family plot
Dolan family plot
Donald John18551927
Dr. Frank L. Bosqui
Dr. John A. Street
Dr. M. J. RoeOffice opposite Shannon's, one door north of Cluggage's stage office, Main St.
Dr. Walker
Duncan McIntyre1848April 4, 1902
Duncan McRayNovember 8, 1880Died in fire at Goodshaw Hoisting Works.
E. R. Cleveland
Ed CoxSeriously injured in explosion
Ed Loose
Edith RichardsApril 9, 1876January 23, 1906
Edwin John18941918
Efrod RyonFebruary 6, 1879Slipped on ice and fell 450 feet down a mine shaft.
Eleanor "Madame Mustache" DumontOctober 7, 1880Suicide by poison.
Eli Johl
Ella Cody CainJune 9, 1872January 25, 1966Wrote "The Story of Bodie" and "The Story of Mono County." Married David Victor Cain.
Ernest Campana18551923
Ernest Marks
Eugene Markey
Eva M. LockwoodOctober 10, 1880March 12, 1892
Evelyn MyersMay 1, 1894April 5, 1897
Father John Cassin
Felix Donnelly
Frank F. QuinvilleBlacksmith for the Standard Consolidated Mine.
Frank McDonell
Frank Owen
G. C. Wood18481917
George McMillanJanuary 18, 1884June 7, 1884
George Storey
George W. ConwayFebruary 22, 1900May 20, 1901
George W. DolanApril 4, 1884November 21, 1905
George WatkinsSeptember 3, 1880Suicide by poison, while in jail for killing Bob Whiteacre.
Gus RenaudKilled in 1884 in the Syndicate mine powder explosion
Gustav A. Seiler18881891
H. D. RobertsonOffice at the Bodie Hotel
H. L. Childs
H. RichardsOctober 9, 1879Died in falling mine shaft elevator, when the brakes failed.
H. Z. Osborne
Harry F. Dolan18801936
Harry Lewis
Harvey Boone
Hugh McQuaidSeptember 7, 1883
Hugh SmithNovember 8, 1880Died in fire at Goodshaw Hoisting Works.
I. N. MkeanMarch 24, 1860May 30, 1923
J. E. BooneMarch 6, 1843October 20, 1881
J. Emit DeChambeauNovember 6, 1900April 23, 1905
J. J. WelchBought The Tower Restaurant in March 1879 and renamed it to the Nevada Restaurant and Chop House.
J. L. Colman
J. R. CassidyOctober 9, 1879Died in falling mine shaft elevator, when the brakes failed.
J. W. Kingsley
Jack O'HaraAugust 27, 1878Shot after jumping a mining claim.
Jack RobertsNigh watchman in 1880
James A. GarfieldJuly 19, 1881
James B. Perry1833June 9, 1896Late Supervisor of Mono Co.
James BlairJanuary 18, 1878Died in a duel.
James CordonJune 28, 1906September 19, 1907
James DoyleJune 19, 1878Killed in the Bodie Mine.
James Edwin Dolan19161917
James KennedyJuly 5, 1880Died in gunfight
James P. Dolan
James S. DolanJanuary 1, 1841March 11, 1904
James ShowersElected as first Treasurer of the Miners’ Union, Jan. 15, 1878.
James Stuart CainApril 17, 1853October 28, 1938Businessman, owned many businesses In Bodie.
Joe Beck
Joe FarnsworthNigh watchman in 1880
Joe Maquire
Joe Rouse
Joe ScanavinoMay 21, 1896April 19, 1955
Joe Scanavino18421909
John B. Kennedy1863July 11, 1902
John BlakeNovember 8, 1880Died in fire at Goodshaw Hoisting Works.
John Dolan Deignan1851September 19, 1889
John EnrightSeptember 3, 1878Shot by James Harrington in Teagues Saloon.
John GoffAugust 23, 1879Shot during claim jumping dispute.
John Jeffery1867January 18, 1914
John L. Berry, M.D.Had an office and drug store. Formerly of Bellevue Hospital, NY.
John McMillanDecember 5, 1882June 10, 1884
John PryorElected as first Vice President of the Miners' Union, Jan. 15, 1878.
John S. McCracken1860April 19, 1905
John ScanavinoAugust 22, 1889September 5, 1904
John W. DeChambeau18751918
John WagnerTook over the Gem Eating House and renamed it to the Bon Ton Eating House in 1880.
Johnny Treloar
Joseph BrodrierOctober 9, 1879Died in falling mine shaft elevator, when the brakes failed.
Joseph DeRoche
Kenneth L. McKeoughOctober 18, 1908October 11, 1992As of June 24, 1994, only 140 of the grave sites had been located. The last burial to take place in the Bodie cemetery was on August 14,1994, when Kenneth L. Mckeough – born in Bodie in 1908 – was interred. Due to Bodie’s status as a landmark, there are only about a dozen citizens left who may be buried here.

Kenneth was born in the Seiler house and was raised in Aurora.
L. H. ArrildAugust 29, 1883April 29, 1903
Leslie S. NichollsJune 18, 1908October 4, 1908
Lester B. Bell
Lester F. Bell19201977
Lester L. BellJanuary 24, 1888July 5, 1950
Lewis LockbergAt one time, owner of the Bunker Hill claim.
Lottie Johl
Louis Scanavino18911918
Louisa May McIntyreDecember 20, 1898April 17, 1899
Louise BellMay 23, 1884July 19, 1976
Lucille Edna DolanAugust 27, 1906September 14, 1909
M. J. Cody
M. Schafer
Manuel GarciaOctober 9, 1879Died in falling mine shaft elevator, when the brakes failed.
Margaret C. McDonell18971899
Maria McQuaidOctober 10, 1909
Martha B. LockwoodMarch 29, 1889April 13, 1892
Martha LetcherApril 20, 18821917
Mary DolanApril 10, 1851February 3, 1917
Mary Elizabeth ButlerMarch 16, 1848November 24, 1878
Mary Louise MooreMarch 23, 1871April 26, 1891
Mary Wood18471908
Mateo PetralliNovember 10, 1850February 2, 1915
McDonell family plot
McMillan family plot
McQuaid family plot
Michael J. CodyU. S. Land Agent; Died in explosives accident.
Mike McGowana "Bad Man", who came from Virginia City. He would bite off ears, noses, and thumbs.
Mildred Hoover
Mrs. A. J. JohnsonFebruary 24, 1828November 25, 1905
Name Unknown
Nathan Cook GregoryJanuary 12, 1887September 22, 1890
Nathan H. Gregory
Nathan Hall GregoryNovember 19, 1841April 9, 1926
Patrick ReddyAttorney
Peter EssingtonAt one time, owner of the Bunker Hill claim.
Peter NoonanFebruary 25, 1848July 10, 1894
R. G. PreshawOffice over Salisbury & Richardson's Boot and Shoe store
R. L. PetersonJustice of the Peace, Notary Public, Conveyancer, office in the Rosedale Saloon
Richard Reynolds Fouke
Robert "Bobby" Tenneson Bell
Robert Phillip Fouke
Rod McInnis
Rosa May
Rosa May OalaqueJanuary 1855November 1912
Sam Leon
Sam MartinOctober 9, 1879Died in falling mine shaft elevator, when the brakes failed.
Solomon G. Stebbins1825October 20, 1881
Steven A. ScanavinoApril 19, 1895December 20, 1970
T. H. Leggett
Theodore Hoover
Theresa Dolan18881888
Thomas LeggettSuperintendent of the Standard Company.
Thomas Smithen
Thomas TravisJanuary 1, 1880Stabbed by Tom Dillon, although Dillon was released for lack of evidence.
Thomas TreloarJanuary 15, 1881Shot in the back by Joseph DeRoche.
Tom Miller
U. P. JackJanuary 15, 1878Died in a duel.
W. H. WereleyDecember 20, 1848February 9, 1890
W. J. O'BrienJuly 10, 1879Died in powder magazine explosion at Summit Mine.
W. S. BodeyW. could have stood for Wakeman, Waterman, or William.
Warren Boyd
Warren Loose
Warren R. LooseAugust 6, 1848August 19, 1917
William "Billy" O'Hara1880African American. Owned the Bunker Hill mine at one point.
William "Billy" T. Owens
William Deegan
William Hick1847November 24, 1901
William Loose
William S. Bodey18141859
William T. Owens18551933
William T. Williams1880
Wilson ButlerFirst resident blacksmith.
Wood family plot
Wood LarsonFebruary 11, 1834September 29, 1900
Mary McDonnellOn September 4, 1932 the U.S. Post Office was moved to the Lottie Johl house, with Mary McDonnell as postmistress.
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