People of Bodie

A list of Bodie residents, or other people associated with Bodie, taken from various books and other sources. Check out the gallery of people.

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"Pioche" Kelley
A. C. Raymond
A. C. Robinson
A. E. McMillanSecretary of the Bodie Miners' Union in 1885.
Alex NixonElected as first President of the Miners' Union, Jan. 15, 1878. Shot and killed in a saloon gun fight.
Amasa Bryan
Annie C. Fouke
Belle MooreBodie's first school teacher.
Ben Butler
Ben Miller
Bert Dolan
Billy O'HaraEmpire Gold and Silver Mining Company caretaker.
Black TaylorOne of Bodey's buddies.
Bob Conway
C. R. Wedertz
Charles Rudin
Charlie Donnelly
Charlie Jardine
Cordelia Hays Dolan18811943
Dan McMillanOne-armed sheriff and manager of the Bodie baseball team.
Daniel HornerFirst child born in Bodie.
David Victor CainOne of J. S. Cain's sons. Married Ella Cody. His home is located on Green Street.
Dick O'MalleyNigh watchman in 1880
Dr. Frank L. Bosqui
Dr. M. J. RoeOffice opposite Shannon's, one door north of Cluggage's stage office, Main St.
Dr. Walker
E. R. Cleveland
Ed CoxSeriously injured in explosion
Ed Loose
Eli Johl
Ella Cody Cain6/9/18721/25/1966Wrote "The Story of Bodie" and "The Story of Mono County." Married David Victor Cain.
Ernest Marks
Eugene Markey
Father John Cassin
Felix Donnelly
Frank F. QuinvilleBlacksmith for the Standard Consolidated Mine.
Frank McDonell
Frank Owen
George Storey
Gus RenaudKilled in 1884 in the Syndicate mine powder explosion
H. D. RobertsonOffice at the Bodie Hotel
H. L. Childs
H. Z. Osborne
Harry Lewis
Harvey Boone
J. Emit Dechambeau
J. J. WelchBought The Tower Restaurant in March 1879 and renamed it to the Nevada Restaurant and Chop House.
J. L. Colman
J. W. Kingsley
Jack RobertsNigh watchman in 1880
James B. PerryLate Supervisor of Mono Co.
James P. Dolan
James ShowersElected as first Treasurer of the Miners’ Union, Jan. 15, 1878.
James Stuart CainBusinessman, owned many businesses In Bodie.
Jno. L. Berry, M.D.Had an office and drug store. Formerly of Bellevue Hospital, NY.
Joe Beck
Joe FarnsworthNigh watchman in 1880
Joe Maquire
Joe Rouse
John A. Street, Dr.
John PryorElected as first Vice President of the Miners' Union, Jan. 15, 1878.
John WagnerTook over the Gem Eating House and renamed it to the Bon Ton Eating House in 1880.
Johnny Treloar
Joseph DeRoche
Lester B. Bell
Lewis LockbergAt one time, owner of the Bunker Hill claim.
Lottie Johl
M. Schafer
M.J. Cody
Mike McGowana "Bad Man", who came from Virginia City. He would bite off ears, noses, and thumbs.
Mildred Hoover
Nathan H. Gregory
Patrick Reddy
Peter EssingtonAt one time, owner of the Bunker Hill claim.
R. G. PreshawOffice over Salisbury & Richardson's Boot and Shoe store
R. L. PetersonJustice of the Peace, Notary Public, Conveyancer, office in the Rosedale Saloon
Richard Reynolds Fouke
Robert "Bobby" Tenneson Bell
Robert Phillip Fouke
Rod McInnis
Rosa May
Sam Leon
T. H. Leggett
Theodore Hoover
Thomas LeggettSuperintendent of the Standard Company.
Thomas Smithen
Tom Miller
W. S. BodeyW. could have stood for Wakeman, Waterman, or William.
Warren Boyd
Warren Loose
William Deegan
William Loose
William T. Owens
Wilson ButlerFirst resident blacksmith.