CALL FOR PHOTOS: Share Your Bodie pictures

Call for Photos | Bodie.comHave you been to Bodie? Did it capture your imagination? The miners, shop keepers, children, bad men, saloon keeps, painters, prostitutes, teamsters, and the citizenry… the buildings, the businesses, the GOLD and silver, the location, or the weather? Bodie is a very special, unique place that is like no other in the world. wants YOUR images to use on the website and to share with our thousands of social media followers.

What images do we want? Lots of images without people – we want to document the town, not people’s vacations. Photos of every building at the Park. Detailed photos of artifacts, machinery, interiors, and landscape shots.

What we don’t want: Art photos, filtered images, family / group / selfie photos, low-resolution pics, videos, or heavily processed images.

You can upload the photo with the form below, and we’ll add a watermark with your name (if it doesn’t already have one.)

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