Shot for Four Bits | Reno Gazette-Journal

From the Reno Gazette-Journal,  June 8, 1881

Hitchell Shot in Bodie | Bodie.comIn Bodie yesterday, Dave Hitchel, otherwise known as Texas Dave, was shot by a gambler named Jim Stockdale. The bullet penetrated the intestines. Hitchell is in a very low condition. He formerly kept a hotel at Mill Creek, but for the last few months has fallen from grace and degenerated into an opium fiend — a seven time loser boy.

The cause of the assault was that Hitchell wanted to borrow fifty cents from Stockdale. On his refusing to lend that sum, Hitchell pulled his revolver and struck Stockdale on the mouth. Stockdale then drew and shot Hitchell. Stockdale Was arrested and is now in jail, awaiting the result of his victim’s injuries.

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