Rangers of Bodie

California State Parks - Bodie.comCalifornia State Park Ranger Peace Officer - Bodie.comHere’s a list of California State Park rangers who have worked at Bodie State Historic Park over the years. This list is meant as an homage to those Rangers who have helped to protect and preserve the park for generations to come.

If you know of a Ranger (not a park aide) that isn’t listed here, please do let us know.

  • Walt Stone
  • Steve Moore
  • Norm Cleaver
  • Michael O’Connell
  • Micael O’Rourke
  • Mark Pupich
  • Mark Langner
  • Larry Cermack
  • John Myers
  • Jack Evans
  • Gary Huey
  • Gary Howard
  • Carl Chavez
  • Brad Sturdivant
  • Bob Frenzel
  • Bob Canby
  • Bob Adkisson
  • Patrick Armitage | 1978 – 1981
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