Bodie Catholic Church

Catholic Church in Bodie | Bodie.comIn the summer of 1879, the Catholic Priest who presided over Bodie, Father John Cassin, called on the Catholic members of the town to help raise funds to build a church.

The Bodie Standard newspaper reported on July 9, 1880 that the women of Bodie has raised over $1,000 for the church. In July 1882, a full three years after the original call for donations, the required materials were delivered to the corner of Wood & Lowe streets. Construction moved much faster than the raising of the monies and in just over one month the structure was complete.

On September 10th, 1882 dedication of the Catholic Church was celebrated. Prior to this, Father Cassin (and his Methodist counterpart, Reverend Hinkle) would give their members their religious teachings in the Miner’s Union Hall – Catholic services at 10am, Methodist at 2pm – hardly a hallowed place in Bodie.

In 1928, 46 years after it was dedicated, the Catholic church burned. Although it stood for many years, very few photos of the building have been found. Below is a rare, close up image of the Catholic Church from Wood St. looking toward the Standard Mill.

Bodie Catholic church confirmation | Bodie.comBodie Catholic Church confirmation

This rare, beautiful, and colorful document comes from the Catholic church in Bodie. The text reads:

Julia Ann Murphy received the holy Sacrament of Confirmation

in St. John the Baptist Church

September the 23 1883

J. M. Cassin
Bodie, Mono Co., California
Published by Fr. Pustet New York. No. 38.

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