Bodie Schoolhouse

Bodie School house - exterior | Bodie.comThe schoolhouse is one of the better looking buildings in town. It was originally the Bon Ton Lodging House in 1879, but was later converted to the school house, after the first one was burned down.
The first school house was burned down by a small boy who had gotten in trouble, and was sent home. He went to the backside of the school and began setting fire to the dry brush for fun. It spread to the building and burnt it to the ground. I guess the teacher learned a lesson that time…

Inside the Bodie Schoolhouse | Bodie.comBodie School house - interior | Bodie.comA view from inside the schoolhouse, gives you the feeling that the children are just out at play during a break. The town was abandoned so abruptly, that thousands and thousands of artifacts were simply left behind because they were too heavy, or too much to haul from one place to another.

Of the many books, desks and toys left behind, only a portion are seen here. Hundreds more are in a back room of the school being used as an archive of sorts.


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