Hoover House

Hoover House - 2001 | Bodie.comThis was the home of Theodore and Mildred Hoover. Theodore was the manager of the Standard Mill and lived in this house for about three years.

Theodore was the brother of the would-be President Herbert Hoover, who occasionally visited Bodie – but that was long before he was president. At the time, Herbert was working as a mining engineering in California and Colorado. But he did stay here at the Hoover home while in town.

Hoover House - 1900's | Bodie.comThe Hoovers lived here until around 1905 when Theodore accepted a job and they moved away.

Notice the difference between the pictures: the older photo shows that there was still paint on the exterior walls, a full fence around the front part of the house, an original roof (BSHP has replaced it with a more sturdy metal roof), and the buildings behind the house that aren’t there anymore.


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