Boone Store and Warehouse

Boone Store - Interior | Bodie.comChock full of hundreds of interesting artifacts from the years gone by, this 1879 building was owned by Harvey Boone (incidentally, a direct descendant of Daniel Boone!). In July 1884 this building was almost destroyed by a fire that gobbled up the buildings from Boone’s store to Kingsley’s stables – almost the entire block of Green Street.

Of the many items still in the store are several original Edison light bulbs that have been continuously burning for several years. Displayed in the front-right window, you can see familiar name brands from today, such as “Kellogg’s Tasteless Castor Oil“, “St. Joseph’s Aspirin“, “Trojan condoms” and “Colgate medicated powder“.

Boone Store and Warehouse | Bodie.comHarvey also owned a livery business and the Boone Stable in town. Besides this store, he purchased Gilson and Barber’s Store and operated it at the same time. He had many interests in town, including being one of the five men who, in October of 1879, formed the Bodie Water Company, for the purpose of supplying the town with water to fight fires.

Boone may have been in business in Bodie longer than any other single business owner. In 1879 Boone took on a partner, J. W. Wright. In 1881 Boone and Wright paid Mono County real estate taxes on $25,313 worth of property!


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