Johl House

Johl House - 2003 | Bodie.comThis was the home of Eli and Lottie Johl. Eli came to the United States of America in 1865 from Germany, and eventually made his way to Bodie. He and a partner, Charles Donnelly, setup the Union Market Butcher Shop. Lottie began her time in Bodie as a prostitute, and eventually married Eli. But, because of her recent past working in the red light district, many people shunned them both.

Johl House - circa 1932 | Bodie.comOn September 4, 1932 the U.S. Post Office was moved to the Lottie Johl house, with Mary McDonnell as postmistress. Notice the “Post Office” sign at the top of the building (in the black and white photo); then look at the newer photo – the board is still on the house today, even though the paint has been worn off through decades of wind and weather.


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