Burkham House

Burkham house - exterior - Bodie.comThough I don’t currently have any information on this house, I thought it was a very attractive house. Most homes in Bodie were not very fancy, but this one stands out because of it’s corner window.

Looking through the windows of the Burkham house shows you what is left of this once beautiful house. You can see the “wall paper” and material peeling off the walls here – this is how people used to keep their homes warm. Our homes now use insulation that is sandwiched between the drywall and studs as the house is built. Back in Bodie days, they didn’t have manufactured insulation – they would cover the walls with anything they could afford. Commonly several layers of paper, covered by cloth material was used. The Burkham house - interior - Bodie.compaper held in the heat, or kept the cold air from passing through the thin walls of the house. The material covered the paper to add one more layer, as well as making the walls look better than just plain newspaper.

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